Hope For Accreta

Please consider supporting this orginazation! Placenta Accreda can be a result of a c-section, and often times women are not informed of this. Many mothers and babies die from this condition, and women have a right to know!!!

"Placenta Accreta is an obstetric complication that involves the deep attachment of the placenta into the uterine wall. However the Placenta does not penetrate the uterine muscle. Placenta Accreta accounts for approximately 75% of these cases.

Placenta Increta is when the Placenta invades the uterine muscle but does not penetrate through the uterus. This condition accounts for approximately 15% of these cases.

Placenta Percreta occurs when the Placenta has completely penetrated the uterine wall and most likely will attach itself to other organs looking for a blood supply. Organs that can be affected include the bladder and bowel. Percreta is the rarest and most severe form of Accreta and accounts for 5% of these cases."

Here is a ink to a petition to ACOG to pleading that providers give full informed consent before under going a c section . Also I have added more links to their website and facebook pages.

Lets show them some love!!!!




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