I Forgot My Bra...

I recently went to a dear friends house stayed the weekend and met with potiental clients. I have a 1 and 3 year old, and night time was dreaded nightly. I learned a few things that I am going to pass on to you as a traveling doula and mom!

1. Try not to over pack...mainly because you will most certainly forget stuff anyways, and end up taking home a lot more than you brought!

2. Get a great nights sleep before you go because when you get there, normal is out the window! No matter how long they stayed awake...they were up before the sun!

3. Invest in some sort of entertainment for the kids during travel! Whether it be new books, new toys, or a new dvd, it guarentees you will get 20 mins of nice drive time.

4. Make sure you pack the must haves! I forgot my bra....what large breast, breast feeding mother/business lady does that? You can bet I had coffee and tea packed though! (Luckly, my awesome friend let me borrow a sports bra, and I had a tankini on for the day of travel.

5. Pack snacks. The best thing I did was have things I could pass back to the boys to eat. If their mouths were full, they were not crying!

These were the top five tips for traveling that I wished I had read before hand!!! I am sure I missed a lot more, but these were off the cuff =)

Safe Travels!

#doulacharleston #travelingdoula

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