Top Ten Things To Do In The Last Weeks Of Pregnancy.

Top 10 things to do in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

10. De-Clutter: Bringing home a new baby feels so much better in a de-cluttered home. Whether you box it up or have a big garage sale, the less stuff taking up space and collecting dust will safe your sanity.

9. Put the finishing touches on the nursery/baby area: Make sure you know where all of the frequently used baby stuff is located and is easily accessible. This will help during those first few days/nights when the baby is still adjusting to life outside the womb and you are settling into your new plus one status!

8. Have a meal prep party! Having meals that were little to no effort was lifesaving! Crockpot or grill-able freezer meals are easy clean up (I hate cleaning the kitchen), and they are so easy my husband doesn't even complain :).

7. Catch up on all the laundry. Make sure it's all washed, folded, and put away. The last thing you want to worry about is if you have clean under garments during those first few weeks of transition.

6. Pack those birthing bags, and if you are birthing at home make sure your kit is complete. It is no fun be missing something you need/want no matter where you are birthing.

5. Take nice long warm showers or baths, or whatever your relaxation vise is. It may be awhile before you can indulge in these luxuries. Make sure they are full of moisturizing oils with fresh flowers or milk and honey. Seriously, go all out.

4. Print out birth affirmations (I have pre made/editable ones on this site. Click the contact me button for the password and free downloads!

3. Have a date night! Go see a movie or go to dinner to celebrate your last few days of pregnancy.

2. Go get a mani pedi and if you can bring your partner along that's a bonus! It feels great on those tired feet, and will likely move to the bottom of your must have list after the new arrival!

1. Take a baby moon. If you have other kids, hire a sitter for the day, splurge for a fancy one if you want, and take the day to read, nap, and shower while connecting on a subconscious level with your body and baby. Take time to really soak in the every move, kick, and hiccup. If your partner is able to go with you, let them feel the movements, talk to the baby and enjoy each other's company! If you left kids with the sitter and can't do over nights, go pick them up for a stay-cation overnight!

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