First Glynn County Baby Born in 2015

Who was the first baby born in 2015? Well, if you checkout my screenshot, you would see that “the first Glynn County baby was born at 9:19am at Southeast Georgia Health System in Brunswick.” That is funny, because I distinctly remember a bouncing baby boy making his way earth side to a graciously receiving mommy and daddy! Homebirth families often do not get the recognition for events like these and that is a shame. Home birth is still a near covert operation, where the families would rather sit quietly back and let someone else have the spotlight for events like these. I blog this hastily in order to get this out there: Unless there was an unassisted birth or a birth in an ambulance, I witnessed the first Glynn County birth of 2015. It was a beautiful baby boy born at home at 0246AM! So, when you see posts like my screenshot in the media, remember that those are typically mainstream births, and there is a lot more than meets the eye. In the meantime, the family and the birth team know who the actual first baby born in Glynn County GA was =)


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