Is It Safe To Bed Share?

As a breast feeding mother (2 of 3 babies) I found it so much easier to bed share! I found that there was less "awake time" less crying, and less impact on my husbands sleep. WIth Liam, my 2 yr old, we bed shared in only our queen sized bed. He was a major comfort nurser, so it was the only way I could get rest. I rememeber he would nurse every 2 hours from start to start until he was 4 months old. That can be taxing on new moms! We chose to bed share because that is what worked for our family. He was never in the middle of my husband and I, and everyone had seperate blankets. We are non- smokers, and I did not drink while bed sharing.

Now, with Silas, we discovered the art of side carting a crib! Now, that was awesome because it pretty much added a whole nother section on to our bed!, because with Liam, I found that it was crampped, and I couldnt get comfortable a lot of the time. So, with side carting the crib, I was able to lay next to Silas then just roll over onto our bed each time he was done nursing. So, if you are not comfortable bed sharing this would be a great option! I found that transfering Silas and Liam to a pack and play/co sleeper was cumbersome and frustrating, and an additional cost.

It looks like Pediatrics are starting to be less anti-bed sharing, and that is great news! See this article!

Here is what our side cartted Crib looks like, and my 3 year old loves t sneek in it these days =) If you want to know how to side cart your crib, check it out here!

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