Happy Winter Solstice 2014!

Happy Winter Solstice!

This is the shortest day and longest night of the year, and as a doula patiently awaiting the arrival of TWO Christmas babies, I couldnt help but think about if the Solstice would have any effects on initating labor. I guess I was thinking there may be some labor vines like a full moon, or changing of the barometric pressures. I did a little research, and feel I can rest easy tonight becuase it doesnt look like there are any comsic labor waves coming with the solstice. I DID find out though that fertility is super high due to the womens sexual drive peaks during this event. That got me thinking about my two boys. They were both concieved during the winter solstice week! Not once, but TWICE with birthday's a mere 2 years and 4 days apart! So folks, do you local doula a favor and dont fight that urge to be passionate...its nature =)

Peace, Love, and Light!

Sacred Bee Doula

Here is the link so you can read up on it.

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