My Last Personal Birth Story

My third pregnancy:

After the Birth of Liam my daughter started to have some complications with her health. When Liam was about 6 months old she started to have seizures. After her diagnosis, she was a candidate for brain surgery, and when Liam was 14 months old, she went in for that surgery and Liam went to my dad's house to be cared for. While she was recovering from her surgery, I found out I was pregnant with my sweet Silas, whom we didn't know would be a Silas). All through her recovery, about 2 months in the hospital. I spent much of my first trimester. Then we had a long rough recovery at home, equipped with the decision to move in with a toxic family member and away from the loving home she wanted zero part of. Needless to say, this was not a joyful easy stress free pregnancy. Anyhow, I had planned to travel and deliver at a birth center near my dad, since I had a great support system in place there, and I wasn't sure what the Navy had in store for us, since last time we had to move in the last trimester. About the 6 months into the pregnancy, we got word that the Navy would not be moving us, so I changed my plans to deliver at home. I had to make the hard choice to forgo my dreams at a water birth to ensure my husband would be at the birth of our son. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I called our doula and asked if she could squeeze me in, and she was able to! My plans changed several times, but ultimately had a wonderful birth experience.

Silas' Birth Story:

I was 41 weeks and 5 days. I had an uneventful pregnancy, and had skipped my last 3 prenatal appointment due to fear of a pressured vaginal exam and induction threats. I was desperate at this point for labor to start. I drank a “magical cocktail” that had worked for a friend, at 7 PM that night, went to bed feeling no different. This was my 3 child, and it was within 2 years of my last pregnancy…so needless to say I was READY! I remember going to bed nervous, faced with the threats of decisions that I was faced with making in the near future. Before I went to sleep, I said to myself that I would not be afraid, and this baby would come when he was ready. I went to sleep. My husband woke up for work, and I was barely asleep due to the third trimester uncomfortableness. At that moment something just clicked and I knew it would be the day. I had several strong contractions through the night, but nothing I couldn't doze through. At 6 AM, my husband was about to leave, and I told he to be prepared for a phone call. I walked around the house trying to distract myself, I made some yummy Teavana tea (that I never drank) and I tried to eat a banana which I took 2 bite of. I went to pee, thinking, maybe this wasn't it…I still hadn't lost a mucus plug or had any “cleansing of the bowels” that I had with the other labors. I was starting to second guess this false alarm. So, I decided to take a shower to distract myself. During the shower things got super intense and I knew that maybe I should start making some phone calls to my doula and birth photog. They both said, “okay, call us when you need us”. I hung up and went back to walking around, and called my husband. It was about 8 AM at this point. My husband couldn't be reached, and I just calmly said, “I don’t need to hold while you look for him, just let him know I am in labor and he should head this way.” At after that call, I called my doula and birth photog, and told them they needed to head this way. I got into the bath tub. My SIL was home, she called in to work and helped with my son, while I tried to use my hypnosis. It was so comfortable in that tub….I also realized how big I was or how small that tub was, haha. My doula, husband, and photog came around 9 and labored at home as things progressed, and when I just couldn't do it anymore, my doula asked me to give her 15 more mins, then when I couldn't do it again, I changed it up. I got in the shower towards the end and was there like 10 mins, and said it was time to go. It was around 1PM we got into the car, and went to the hospital where they told me I was a 6 or a 7. I labored on my back, and contractions were coming back to back then my water broke. I actually scared me and I felt a huge pop. I think I cried a little, and the contractions were so intense and not letting up. I begged for the juice. They called for the drug doctor, then out of nowhere, it was like I was possessed. Everything stopped, no pain, no contractions…just rest. I wasn't talking I was only breathing. My body was prepping for the final journey. I started making the guttural noises that I couldn't replicate if I tried, some sort of noise that sound cross between a cow and a demon calling from the pits of hell. They were scaring me because I was not in control. I was pushing…I looked at my doula and told her I couldn't help it, what could I do…How do I make it stop? The doctor and nurses were telling me to quit pushing, but I could not help it. It was a feeling that you cannot fight! A few pushes later and my baby was born at 442PM! We did not find out the sex, so my husband told me it was a boy! It was a shock to me because, I swore it was a girl. Out came 9lb 2oz 21.5 inches of squish! Out of 3 births, this was my only natural birth, and I long to do it again! It was the best experience ever. I was walking right after, and I was hold my new baby telling my husband I want to have more!!! It was the most awesome accomplishment in my life! I am so lucky to everyone who helped out!!!

Feel free to watch The Birth Of Silas

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