My Personal Birth Journey 15 Years Later

Second Pregnancy:

We are going to fast forward about 15 years. I met the man who I committed myself to in 2008, we married in 2010. We were living in Charleston SC, and they had an amazing birth center! I always wanted to give birth there since it had opened. Low and behold I became pregnant! I started to really look at maternity care, labor, and childbirth. I decided that I wanted to try for a natural birth in the water at that birth center. I was about 5 months pregnant when that reality was quickly fading away. My dreams of having a water baby abruptly ended when I found out my husband's job was relocating us to Virginia Beach Va. At first I didnt think it would be a problem, but after much searching...there were no free standing birth centers and the birth center they did have at the hospital, wouldn't take me because I was too far a long when I moved there (7 months). That is when I knew I needed a doula. I needed to know where I could deliver with the most chance of having a natural vaginal birth. I found Ryan Starling of

, and didn't even need to meet her. Over the net, we clicked...and she was mine! Skipping all the boring stuff in between...she ended up being a godsend, and after laboring at home with back labor for about 14 hours. I tapped out. I went to the hospital. When we got there and I got checked, I was at 5 cm. I got a shot of Stadol, not knowing exactly how that worked with pain management...I just knew I needed to get comfortable. When I started to feel the pain again, It was unbearable. I succumed to an epidural. I was so sad about this. I beat myself up for a good while, but while I was birthing my son, I was also birthing a new passion! There he was. All 8lbs 5oz of bouncing baby boy! PS We did not find out the was the most awesome surprise!

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