My Personal Birth Journey As a Teen Mom

Hi there audience! Well, I don't think I have an audience, but Ill just pretend that I do! I am totally new to the blogging world. I am actually not sure how I will do with it..I never was very good at journalling, but I thought I would give this a try! I have so much to write about, so I think it will flow better if I keep it to one topic! So, here it goes...

How I got here. Part One.

Not from the very beginning, like my daddy and my mommy did "it", how I got here...Ill start with when I had my daughter 18 years ago.

I was 15 when I got pregnant. Yes, young...too young. I made it work with a supportive step-dad, an alcoholic mother, great father and step mother that helped anywhere they could from being so far away, and baby daddy family. They were elemental in ensuring I had everything I needed to graduate, birth a baby, and have the opportunity to succeed. The one thing I didn't have was the knowledge that I had choices in childbirth. I am sure it was very naive to think, but I honestly thought people that had natural, vaginal childbirths were the ones that couldn't help it, or didn't have money for a medicalized birth. I had no idea about the crisis in America with childbirth. I didn't know women chose to do that. I mean why would they?

I was 15. I held the pregnancy a secret for 6 months. I don't know what I was maybe it was my fault. I just did what I thought everyone did, and what my mom told me to do. When labor started, I told my mom. We went to the hospital when they were 5 mins apart, and lucky when I got there...I was 5 cm, and it was time for an epidural because "you want that". I got the epidural, around 11 PM and around 7 AM it was time to push. It is pretty hazy, but they told me nothing. At the end of it all, I had a beautiful 9lb 14oz baby girl delivered by vacuum and forceps, and a grade 4 episiotomy. It was a terrible recovery, and little did I likely could have been avoided...To Be Continued..

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